Mary Ellen Chalmers, D.M.D.
95 Montgomery Drive
Suite 106
Santa Rosa, CA  95404




How Are We Different?

Patient Comfort & Trust
Our goal is to see that each patient feels safe, comfortable, and well cared for.

Dental Care Excellence
Each unique patient’s dental needs are addressed with exquisite attention to detail.

Total Body Health
What is most important is the overall health and wellness of the patient’s mouth and entire body.

Functional Medicine Based Dentistry
We combine the best from both Evidence Based and Biological dental care technologies.

Ongoing Education
We stay abreast of all new breakthroughs in the dental field, and are constantly learning and open to new ideas to better serve our patients’ needs.

Cutting-Edge Technology

We keep our office up-to-date with the most current and effective technologies and participate in pioneering new technologies.

Preventative Medicine
Our focus is not just on curing existing dental problems, but on preventing new ones. We provide our patients with preventative care options and education on how they can be active participants in their own ongoing dental and whole-body health.

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