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The Importance of Good Dentistry


The mouth is the gateway to the body. For a person to be totally healthy, the mouth cannot be neglected. The wellness of the teeth and gums impacts the wellness of the entire body. Therefore, dentistry is an integral part of whole body care. Your dentist needs to be a member of your regular medical team.


Functional Medicine-Based Dentistry


Functional Medicine Based Dentistry is the application of the principles and practices of Functional Medicine with the practice of the art and science of Dentistry.  Philosophical differences exist today between traditional Evidence-Based Dentistry and Biological Dentistry, which have an impact on all patients and their oral and systemic health.    Functional Medicine believes that a patient’s history, physiology, and lifestyle are fundamental factors when evaluating a patient’s health.  Examination and interpretation of a patient’s individual biochemistry and genetics can give clues and hence better understanding of a patient’s chronic disease.

When we apply these concepts in the course of dental examination, diagnosis and treatment, the “one size fits all” philosophy of standard American dentistry becomes outdated and dentists transform from “molar mechanics” to true “physicians of the mouth."

We are here to serve all of your dental needs, using the most thorough and effective methods available today.  Dentistry is and ever-changing and demanding medical field that requires a sophisticated knowledge of the biological, chemical and physical sciences.  We are committed to staying on the cutting edge of current and emerging techniques through continuing education and information through leading international experts.  Because we realize that dental treatment affects the whole body, we work closely with our patient’s physicians, and we will coordinate a patient’s dental treatment with the efforts of their other health care providers when needed.


Your First Visit

Your first visit as our new patient is a comprehensive oral examination and review of your dental and medical histories. Any dental problems, chemical allergies, metal sensitivities, or other medical issues are considered before we determine what treatments and materials to apply. We also want to hear any expectations or preferences you may have regarding your dental care. We will then work with you to develop your personalized treatment plan.
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