Mary Ellen Chalmers, D.M.D.
95 Montgomery Drive
Suite 106
Santa Rosa, CA  95404




Our Philosophy

By Mary Ellen Chalmers, D.M.D.

I feel that everyone, even those without current medical issues who are basically healthy, can benefit from preventative dentistry.  For instance, regularly scheduled cleanings; biocompatible materials to replace mercury fillings; reduction of exposure to radiation through the use of digital diagnostics; and the proper use of in-home dental care and nutrition can benefit all patients. We strive to make our patients aware of preventative measures so they can choose from every available option. 

Our goal is to see that all our patients have dental care delivered that will sustain the ongoing health of their teeth, gums, and entire bodies.  In short, our practice is about health.  It is designed for patients who take their health seriously and recognize the importance of conscious, comprehensive dental care as an important part of their overall body health and well-being.

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